Hey 👋 I'm Christian!

Christian is a digital designer located in Seattle, WA.

Bringing Art & Engineering Together

Coming from a city just outside Cincinnati, Ohio, I've always had a knack for understanding how things worked. Whether it was a bike, an automobile, or a VCR (remember those?), I was always intrigued by how something so seemingly complex could come together to create unimaginable experiences for people.

Art can be found in everyday things. How we use them is where the engineering aspect comes into play. As a designer, I strive to make digital experiences that are visually enticing, user-focused, and accessible. I believe that when everyone can enjoy a product, that's when we can truly build community.

Let's create digital experiences that serve our community!

"No matter what tools you use to create, the true instrument is you. And through you, the universe that surrounds us all comes into focus."
-Rick Rubin, author of "The Creative Act: A Way of Being"
Skill Points
It's like "Create-A-Player", but for Designers
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